Some comments received from colleagues and managers...

CSC Bronze President Award:
In recognition of your work…. supporting our managers and employees through a very difficult time. Your commitment and enthusiasm and long hours of working have been really appreciated.

Trade Union Representative:
Many thanks for ....... providing the very efficient and detailed response.

CSC Achievement Award
For your contribution to the business during… programme. ….. your support and commitment enabled the team to continue to provide ongoing customer service to all areas of the business.

Strategic HR Adviser (peer):
You know, but I will tell you anyway, you are a very capable HR professional, and …. any organisation would welcome you in to their HR department

Senior HR Adviser (previous team member):
I just wanted to say a little thank you to you, for all the support and encouragement you have given me over the last few years ...

Senior HR Adviser (previous team member):
Sorry to see you go. Thank you for your support and help these past years.

HR Assistant (not on my team):
You have a reputation as a good manager, and I had hoped that at some point I would have had the privilege of working on your team.

Deputy Head of Employment Practice Centre (peer and recent line manager):
I have very much enjoyed working with you and will really miss you

HR Adviser (not on my team):
It has been nice working with you in EPC

HR Business Partner (peer):
I have always enjoyed working with you

Senior HR Adviser (previous team member):
I think of you as one of the best line managers I've had, always approachable, supportive, consistent - and a lovely person

Previous Head of Employment Practice Centre (then line manager):
… highly competent and valued team members who have very much appreciated having Jill as their leader. Jill has the ability to think Strategic and “big picture”! She communicates effectively in both written and oral forms. She is a sound “technical” HR professional who is respected for her knowledge and experience by the wider EPC team. Her personal style and professional approach is very pleasing to customers and colleagues alike. She presents as a calm, considered and knowledgeable professional – and is a great ambassador for EPC. She coaches/mentors, supports and leads her team well. Jill is an excellent resource. She is ambitious and has much to offer.

Another previous Head of Employment Practice Centre (then line manager):
Many thanks once again for all your hard work and commitment to EPC. I value your contribution highly and I am sure you will continue to be an essential part of the team in whichever role in the new structure

Jill has made an outstanding contribution to the development and sensible application of advice … Jill has made a major contribution to the communications processes and the policy aspects … Jill has done a substantial amount of work in supporting other teams. All teams have sought advice from Jill as required. This has been valuable in moving forward complex issues in a timely way …. The role may change when the new structure is in place, although Jill’s ability to contribute in this way is always likely to be in demand.

This progress is very pleasing and reflects Jill’s positive approach to working with customers. Jill has contributed very well in providing advice and guidance to other colleagues across all of the teams. Jill has continued to demonstrate her expertise and professionalism in many ways. She contributes well to the management and development of EPC in many ways. Jill has strategic skills which we could use more widely.

Strategic Employee Relations Manager (then line manager):
I am pleased to inform you that you have been awarded an honorarium……in recognition of the excellent work undertaken by you….You unflinchingly took on responsibility for a range of additional projects…

Deputy Director of HR:
I continue to find Jill has an ability to command a very sound analysis of the issues and a very effective way of summarising pragmatic and sensible ways forward.

Director of HR:
I have been particularly impressed by the quality and speed at which guidance (on Swine Flu) has been published and updated. This has also been commented on by managers and staff elsewhere. Congratulations on a job well done so far!