Coding Examples

Some examples of both client- and server-side coding. The numbers game is entirely JavaScript and the rest are C# server-side code. The numbers game and the fuel calculator were created simply for demonstration purposes.

The password generator and the IP Address Validator were created to solve real-life problems. The first was to demonstrate how the number of possible permutations for a password changes with the complexity used to create it. The difference in strength between a simple case-insensitive alpha-only password of a few characters and a full alpha-numeric case-sensitive password with 10 characters is startling. The second application was created to ensure that an IP Address being entered was in a valid format and did not fall within any of the reserved address ranges.

I should stress that these are examples of some rather simple applications. For details of more complex applications that I have created for my clients please see my profile or download a copy of my CV.

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