These files are provided in good faith but as-are: I believe but cannot guarantee that they are virus free. Likewise I believe that they are free of malicious code - I certainly haven't written any! - but cannot guarantee it. The risk - which I believe to be non-existant - is yours and it is up to you to prove to your satisfaction that they are ok.

They are all ASP.Net Core applications using Razor pages and were written as part of a study of these technologies with the aim of upskilling myself. This I believe I have now done and am looking forward further to working with these technologies.

Build A .Net Core Application - With Step-By-Step Guide

A step-by-step guide to building a .Net Core application to manage Manufacturers and the Widgets that they make from scratch. Use the guide to show you how to build the application and use the completed application to provide the code. I recommend that you build an application called ManufacturerManager and use ManufacturerManagerCompleted alongside it for reference. This differs from the download below in that it contains the guide.

Download ManufacturerManagerCompletedWithBook

Film Reference

This one manages studios, directors, genres, actors and actresses and films and is the most complex of the four applications here.

Download FilmReference

Manufacturer Manager

An application for managing Manufacturers and the widgets that they produce. Includes audit trail for amendments. This was originally written to run on my web site, but my Godaddy hosting doesn't support .Net Core 3.1 - yet. The good news is that they are upgrading my hosting: the bad news is that they can't tell me when! Anyway, in the interests of not allowing free-form text (or worse, links) into my database I rewrote it so that whenever a new Manufacturer or Widget is being created the Name property will be populated using an Ajax call to the database, which returns a random name from a table of fifty possible names.

Download ManufacturerManager

Recipe Manager

Manage your recipes and ingredients here! A relatively simple application but with some interesting features.

Download RecipeManager