Prescott Hill Climb is set in the beautiful Gloucestershire hills and is somewhere we go relatively often. This time we're going to go in Bertha. Quite often at events like these the car park can be nearly as interesting as the cars in the enclosure and today was to be no different! I'm not talking about the cars in the hill climb as they are in the Vintage and Sports Car Club and are far older.

The day before I gave her a wash and brush up for the occasion.

Wash And Brush Up

Leaving at a relatively civilised hour, we arrived at Prescott at around midday.

On The Way

Shortly after we arrived we spotted another W123 Coupé coming in!

Another Coupé

Wandering around the car park and the arene we spotted some interesting cars. A Ferrari 365GTC4, one of my favourites. I think I'm right in saying that this is basically a hard top Daytona: and I much prefer this one!

Ferrari 365GTC4

A glorious Bentley...


... a little W201...

Mercedes W201

... a stunning Bentley Convertible...

Bentley Convertible

... and a nice old W124. I must admit to a bias for these cars as I have a 300CE as my daily driver as you have probably realised by now!

Mercedes W124

Not related to cars in the slightest way, but we always go and pay our respects to Sir Patrick and Lady Leigh Fermor - better known as Paddy and Joan - when we are in the area. If you are not familiar with Patrick Leigh Fermor you can find out more about this amazing man here. A fantastic literary experience awaits if you haven't already read his books - and even if you have...

Paddy and Joan's Graves

After some exciting hill climbs it is soon enough time to go home. Unfortunately this journey will not be without its difficulties as it is a very hot day and Bertha is prone to stalling in traffic...

There was a major hold up leading to the M4 motorway junction and she stalled every time we stopped. Don't know what we are going to do about this as our regular mechanic at the time simply told us that modern fuel is not suited to older engines. Not much we can do about that it seems...

Home Again

Anyway, we arrived home in one piece and Bertha had a well earned rest.

More Stalling Woes