In June there is a concours show at the Mercedes headquarters in Milton Keynes, and our friend Kevin Howlett was kind enough to suggest that we meet him there. Sounds good!

After the obligatory wash and polish for Bertha we set sail for Milton Keynes and arrived without incident. Silchester have cured the stalling problem once and for all!!!

Bertha Washed And Polished

There were some stunning cars both in the concourse competition and in the general car park!


The pictures that I wish I had taken are of the beautiful dark blue W123 Coupé owned by a lovely couple who were happy to show me their car and to chat about it for quite a while! This couple and their car were the inspiration that we needed to get on and sort the rest of Bertha's issues out. My wife and I decided that we would like Bertha to be as nice as the one we saw that day and that we would talk to Silchester about getting her in there.

We decided to leave it for the rest of the year so that we could enjoy her in the summer and autumn and make a booking for early 2019.

So if you are reading this, are the owners of a dark blue W123 Coupé and spent some time talking to an enthusiastic owner of a Signal Red car of the same model: thank you!

Tender Loving Care!