Time for another trip abroad in Clara - this time for my birthday. We usually go to Madeira but the price of flights seem to have gone up rather.

After much thought and debate we decided to go to northern France for a few days. Having driven through Montreuil-sur-Mer and thought that it looked lovely on the way home from St Valery-sur-Somme last time we thought that it would give it a try for one night and then go on down to St Valery again as we had found a really nice looking Chambre d'Hote that we had never seen before (and the place where we stayed last time was full).

Clara At Folkestone
Hungry Gulls

After stopping in Audinghen for some croissants and pains au chocolat

Clara In Audinghen
Clara In Audinghen

we carried on down towards our first destination - the 1939 - 1945 Museum at Ambleteuse (which is excellent) - stopping to eat our breakfast by the remains of an Atlantic Wall fortress.

Breakfast Stop

I rather think that this one may have had some attention from the RAF and / or the USAAF at some point as there is no way that it would have fallen apart this badly in seventy five or so years without assistance!

Ruined Fortress
Ruined Fortress

After visiting the aforementioned museum we stopped to have a look at Fort D'Ambleteuse, which is never open when we go there! One day...

Fort d'Ambleteuse

Driving on down through Boulogne-sur-Mer and Etaples, we headed for Montreuil. As we arrived about an hour before the hotel was expecting us we took a wander around this lovely old fortified town high on a hill.

Ramparts Of Montreuil
Street In Montreuil
Citadel Of Montreuil
Citadel Of Montreuil

After checking in to our hotel we left Clara to have a rest and opened a beer or two before going out for dinner.

Clara In Montreuil

Another great trip in Clara. So nice to be on the continent in her again and enjoying meandering through the French countryside.

Clara In France Again Two