Back in September 2017 we went to the Harz Mountains in Eastern Germany in my wife's E Class (our second trip there) and it got me thinking how fantastic it would be to see the area - and especially the Brocken in the snow - in Clara!

Being aware that winter - or at least all-weather - tyres are required in Germany I started looking for same. The requirement is “from O to O”: “from October to Easter” (von Oktober bis Ostern). Definitely in February then!

Winter Tyres

Not bad for about £260 the set from BlackCircles! I used to spend £250 at the tyre shop for only two tyres on my Audi - and they are rated the same: both cars are technically capable of 130mph plus.

The other thing that has bugged me from day one is the fact that the driver's window won't go down.

Clara With A Stuck Window

Doesn't sound that annoying? Can't adjust the driver's mirror (the lever inside is broken), can't get a ticket from a machine, can't talk to car parking attendants etc...

The list goes on... and believe me it is annoying!

(Almost) all problems can be solved by the correct application of money, so it's back to the garage for another round of spending!


Clara With An Open Window

And now I can do all of the above AND get the full pillarless effect. This improvement has given me pleasure out of all proportion to the size of the job!

8 Switches and Bearings