Thilde And Clara Together

After many months and well over £1000 spent on Thilde at was time to cut my losses and say goodbye, sadly. She could have been a lovely car - DB199 Schwartz-Blau with mushroom leather interior and heated seats - but no-one seemed to be able definitively to track down the problem whereby she wouldn't rev over about 3500 - 4000 rpm without it costing me an enormous amount more money. Probably an engine management unit, but it would have cost so much more than she would ever be worth to fix her that I decided not to pursue it.

Thilde Exterior
Thilde Exterior
Thilde Interior

Feeling rather sad at splitting the pair of them up after who knows how long together I sold her to a specialist Mercedes dealer and repairer. He came and collected her.

It had to be done: I do have to fix Clara, after all, and she needs quite a lot more spent on her!

Plus I have no regrets: had I only bought Thilde I should never have discovered how great these cars are and never had the great times that I have had with Clara.

Clara In France One

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