Welcome to my blog. I have been running a W124 300CE as my daily driver since March 2017 and I wanted to share some of my experiences with this great car and to write about the pleasures (and pains!) of running a 'young-timer' Benz on a daily basis.

It is also interesting to compare the cost of running a car that will be thirty years old in December 2018 - I have the dated pre-delivery inspection stamp in the maintenance booklet - with the cost of a brand new E-Class Coupé on a contract. I will be going into the figures in a later blog post.

Clara's Pre-Delivery Inspection Stamp

Please note that this is a blog about a car in the UK, so prices for things will be in Sterling and gallons are Imperial. If I have forgotten anything here you can safely assume that it will be UK figures.

Please read on and see how the story continues...

1 Why Two 124 Coupés?