Having unpacked, the first thing to do was to go and see what the mountains were like!

Just Outside Schierke

A trip up to Schierke soon told us that we were certainly going to see the Harz in the snow...

To our surprise, the road was nowhere near as slippery as it looked. Clara's all-weather tyres are doing a good job.

Coming back down into Drei Annen Hohne we were held up at the level crossing: this is what we had come to see!

Getting into Drei Annen Hohne we parked up at the far end of the station by the junction with the road to Elbingerode and went to look at the trains again...

Clara At Drei Annen Hohne Clara At Drei Annen Hohne Drei Annen Hohne Drei Annen Hohne

It's now getting dark and we've had a long day, so back to Wernigerode and out for dinner.

Clara is having a well earned rest in the car park. It's been two long days and a lot of miles but not once has she missed a beat. I'm absolutely delighted to be in the Harz Mountains again and this time it's with Clara!

Clara At Schlossberg

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