What could possibly go wrong? Well as it turned out nothing much did go wrong - up to a point. She seemed to be using a lot of oil! Oh well keep filling her up...

It's really not a good feeling, however, when your oil level light keeps coming on on a fast dual carriageway - or anywhere else for that matter. Really needed to get that sorted. By the way I'm not sure what the oil pressure is actually like as the pressure indicator shoots straight up to 3 bar and sits there as soon as the ignition is turned on - before the engine is started and there is any oil pressure. Oh well, she sounds pretty happy and hasn't seized up so I guess there must be some pressure there.

After using a lot of oil - and one particularly unpleasant wet evening journey on the M25 where I had to stop on the hard shoulder and put in a litre of oil - I decided to go back to my friendly local garage and see if he could do anything about it. His solution was to replace the 5/40 oil with 10/40. Being a bit thicker hopefully she would use less of it...

While we were about it, I asked the chap if he would have a look at the exhaust to see if it was as bad as the last person had said. All that was required was a small weld in the back box (which he wouldn't do for anyone else, as he has had a problem with people for whom he has tried to repair exhausts before, but he knows me pretty well). So no thanks to the previous person who scared me quite a lot by saying that it all needed replacing. (And it's still just fine, if a little rusty on the back box, nearly 20,000 miles later!).

The theory about the thicker oil was true up to a point but still not the solution - the oil light would still come on with (slightly less) depressing regularity. This is still not right...!

By the way, I am, of course, checking the oil level regularly to make sure that there is the right amount in there - there is - and the light is still coming on.

5 MOT Test Time