The next day we visited Halberstadt and looked around the amazing Dom. We were very surprised that this amazing building is not better known and more visited. Perhaps it is the case that there are just so many amazing buildings in Germany that most of them don't attract much attention unless they are exceptional?

Well if Halberstadt Dom were in Britain there would be a whacking great queue to get in and a large 'advisory' admission 'contribution' - there was no charge to go into the Dom and only a small charge to visit the Treasury - which was amazing (but quite understandably no pictures were allowed)!

Clara In Halberstadt
In Halberstadt
In Halberstadt Dom

At the other end of the Domplatz is a lovely Romanesque church.

Romanesque Church In Halberstadt
Romanesque Church In Halberstadt

We loved Halberstadt. Some beautiful buildings!

On the way into Halberstadt I noticed a sign for a 'Gedenkstätte'. Knowing that there had been a work camp near to Halberstadt where aircraft wings were made underground we made a diversion to find out if this was it. It was. It was called Langenstein-Zweiberg Concentration Camp.

To our shame, our German wasn't up to reading all the information in the little museum - and we didn't have that much time anyway. It would be worth returning to see what is left of the underground works: I believe that it might be possible to enter the tunnels. Next time...

Site Of Langenstein-Zweiberg Concentration Camp

The picture above shows the site of the camp. The tunnels are under the low hills in the distance.

On the way home we made a detour into the mountains and found some more fantastic scenery before return to our hotel.

In The Harz Mountains

On our way home from dinner we passed the leaning house of Wernigerode (again!).

Leaning House Of Wernigerode

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