Clara has always used a bit of coolant but one day I noticed that there was coolant leaking from around the waterpump

Leaking Waterpump
Leaking Waterpump

I also decided that it was time to take a look at the exhaust hangers - these need fairly regular replacement in my experience and could save you from having to buy new exhaust parts! It was immediately apparent that mine might well be in need of urgent replacement...

Exhaust Hangers

After another trip to see her friends at Silchester Garage Clara came home with a nice new water pump...

New Water Pump

... and after a bit of a wash and brush up...

Ready To Go

... it was time to go to Milton Keynes to meet some of Clara's relatives.

Clara And Friend
Clara And Friend
Clara And Friend

We also got to see some of the amazing cars in the concours competition. This was one of my favourites:


We also saw the most beautiful W123 Coupé, which increased our determination to continue with the restoration of the our lovely Bertha - of whom there is a picture on the first and second pages of this blog (and who is the subject of her own blog here).