Our time in the beautiful Wernigerode and the wonderful Harz Mountains is coming to an end.

One of the places on our list to revisit is Goslar. We had a little walk round on our last trip but as we had already been to Rammelsberg and done two of the guided tours we didn't really have the time or the energy to see very much of the place. Time to put that right!

Coming Into Goslar

Yes, I did take this picture - but bear in mind that Clara is right hand drive! My wife was driving, so I didn't break any laws!

Goslar is another amazing town:

This is the Kaiserpfalz:

Kaiserpfalz In Goslar

This is the Siemenshaus - yet, that Siemens!

Siemenshaus In Goslar

This is the Butterhanne: wonderful schokoladetorte and cappucino! And a lovely old building into the bargain...

Butterhanne In Goslar

Leaving Goslar, we decided to detour into the mountains again.

This is to the south of Goslar - just outside Schulenberg im Oberharz...

Clara Just Outside Schulenberg Im Oberharz

... and this is the view over the lake from the village:

Okerstausee From Schulenberg Im Oberharz

It was a snowy trip back to Wernigerode... Still glad of those all-weather tyres! (As I will be in Britain in the next few months - but we haven't got to that part of the story yet!)

Driving in The Harz Mountains

One last lovely meal in the amazing Alte Wernigerode Kartoffelhaus (excellent food and great service - even though we don't speak very much German we get by with the words for 'please', 'thank you', 'gin and tonic' 'beer', 'red wine', 'white wine', 'lamb', 'steak' and 'another one of the same please'!). This place does so much more than just potatos!

As we are staying in Baarlo in the Netherlands we head up to Hanover and turn left down the autobahn past Bielefeld, Dortmund and Essen. This road seems to go on forever - but at least a fair bit of it is unrestricted!

We had a(nother) lovely stay in Chateau Sandton de Reay and Clara had a well earned rest!

Clara At Baarlo

The next day we set off for the Channel tunnel and home.

Clara In The Train Clara Back Home

Well that was a fabulous trip! Lovely sights, great food and fascinating places to visit - and Clara ran like a dream for all of the roughly 1750 miles that we did.

How many cars 29 years old or more would you trust to make a trip like this? (Well apart from Bertha, our 280CE, of course...)

We hope to be making another trip like this before too long!

15 Snow At Home