Wernigerode Rathaus

The next day we walked into the wonderful Wernigerode. It really is the most amazing town!

In Wernigerode

Having reassured ourselves that nothing much had changed in Wernigerode and that it was still as lovely as ever we got into Clara and headed for the hills again. I have to say that I was shocked at the dreadful state of the road from Westerntor out through Hasseröde (not pictured)! Not what we expect at all!

It is snowing very hard in Schierke and it looks fantastic.

Schierke Bahnhof Schierke Bahnhof

What turned out to be one of my favourite pictures ever taken (so far!) of Clara was taken here:

Clara At Schierke Bahnhof

Back home for dinner and it's now snowing in Wernigerode!

Marktplatz In Wernigerode

Clara in the snow (again!)...

Clara At Schlossberg

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