Ever since I have had the car I have been unable to flash the headlights - which is not an MOT failure, by the way, but it is an annoyance. The only way that it could be done was to have the headlights on all the time and quickly to switch between dipped and main beam if I wanted to flash someone (which I don't do very often, but it is nice to be able to do...). Every other function of the combi-stalk works fine.

The combined headlight / windscreen wiper / washer / indicator stalks are available from MB for around £135, but I managed to find two second hand ones (my other coupé also needed one) for £125 for the two. Bargain. Fairly quick to fit, too, so not much labour cost involved. Maybe 30 minutes or so?

One more thing fixed - and another thing that feels much better than it should for the expenditure of a few quid!

Also noticed a droning noise coming from the left rear. Diagnosis: wheel bearing. Oh well, she has to be right for our forthcoming Germany trip...

Bearing: just under £95, fitting: £450 odd! Took a bit longer than expected, apparently!

Still, another job that I hope I shan't have to do again while I have this car (maybe the other side, but the left side should be good for a few more years!)

9 Germany One